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logronoche Logroño is located in the northern Spain, near the Ebro river, 391 meters above sea level. The Camino de Santiago passes through the city.

Logroño is a synonym of wine, It’s the capital of La Rioja, formerly known as La Rioja Province. The best wine in Spain are known as Rioja, and also, it’s one of the best of the world.


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mapa We recommend to foreigns look for those international airports: MadridBilbao, Zaragoza (or Saragossa) and Barcelona. From where you can travel to Logroño by bus, by train or by plane. The local airport offers daily flights to the international airport of Madrid. 15% Discount for NSSpain attendees with Iberia on National flights

By Train

Renfe | 30% Discount for NSSpain attendees

By Bus

Logroño Bus Station. Phone: +34 941 235 983.

By Car

  • Pamplona-Logroño (85 km) N-111, A-12.
  • Zaragoza-Logroño (171 km) N-232 or AP-68.
  • Madrid-Logroño (371 km). A-1, AP-1, AP-68; or (332 km) A-2, N-111
  • Soria-Logroño (106 km). N-111.
  • Burgos-Logroño (114 km). N-120, A-12
  • Bilbao-Logroño (137 km). AP-68.
  • Vitoria-Logroño (94 km). N-I, AP-1, AP-68
  • Barcelona-Logroño (478 km). AP-2, AP-68; or (473 km) A-2, AP-68

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