Frequently Asked Questions

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All will be in English?

Yes! We are an all-English conference, so everything will be in English: Talks, Workshops, Papers... Don't worry, wine and food are spanish.

Where to rest?

We have selected a hotel and got a special price for NSSpain atendees. Also you can book a room in a dorm. Both venues are close to Riojaforum, NSSpain HQ. Have a look to the City/Travel post.

When will the tickets be available?

We're selling them already!

What's included with the tickets?

In all the tickets:
  • Goodies.
  • Github stickers, yay!
  • Ruby bits 1 by Code School (online course).
  • 10% of discount in the AGBO Training courses.
  • Access to all of the conference, including the hack day (Workshops not included).
  • Conference videos.
What’s included with the workshops:
  •  Access to the workshops.
  • Workshop videos.

What are the workshops?

16th September:
  •  CoreData for Dummies with Diego Freniche (15:00 to 19:00).
17th September:
  • CoreData Intermediate with Diego Freniche (17:00 to 19:00).
  • Cocoapods with Orta Therox and Fabio Pelosin (17:00 to 19:00).
18th September:
  • To Confirm with Fernando Rodriguez (17:00 to 19:00).
  • Kiwi/TDD with Marin Usalj (17:00 to 19:00).
More workshops to be announced soon, check back for details...

What is a Hack Day?

It's a day to make things and learn with others, applying knowledge from the conference talks.  

Why 17th, 18th and 19th?

Because from 20th to 25th is San Mateo (Saint Matthew), the wine's party, biggest festival of the year. So, everybody could stay the weekend (or more days), and enjoy with us one of the best wine festivities on earth!! Here's a very good post about it.